Green Cardamom

INDIAN ASSET brings you the finest grade 8mm Bold (Usual Export Grade) size Green Cardamom (We also provide 5-6mm, 6-7mm ,7-8mm and seeds). This outstanding quality of shade-grown Cardamom comes to you directly from plantations located in the forested hills of the tropical region of Kerala. Cardamom is cultivated beneath giant tropical trees by clearing the undergrowth. The trees are minimally trimmed to provide just that perfect shade to bring out the best in this aromatic spice. It is a powerful immune booster, fights free radicals and prevents aging. It heals digestive illness,reduces hypertension, relieves headache, provides glowing skin, fixes all skin problems through it’s antimicrobial action, and strengthens weak hair. Green Cardamom helps protect scalp from infections like dandruff and a good reservoir of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C.

Shelf life is 12 months at ambient storage conditions.

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